Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A home inside your heart.

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” 

Home is a special place. It is true home is where your family and friends are. But is it possible to make a home without those close by? I'm going to say yes. Home to me, is a comfortable place, where the air is filled with home cooked meals, baked goods, and sometimes...not so good smells. 
What makes a home better? What makes a house into a home filled with memories?
 Friends and family in your home. One of the important things to me, is to make our home cozy. When people walk into the door, I want them to feel welcome and comfortable. For the past 8 months since we moved into our rented bungalow home, I've continued to nest it, care for it, and add more character to it. Does this take time? Yes. I decorate my home quite often in my spare time. I'm (probably too often) happy to spend a few hours moving various furniture and pieces around to create something new and inviting. Money? Well, I've never had much of it, but collecting things over the years,
finding great deals at thrift stores and antique stores, and saving money for the occasional splurge on a great rug, you can create something uniquely yours and beautiful.

I have to admit; I grew up learning how to get the best deal and have always gotten a thrill out of a cheap steal on everything I buy. Mid century Zenith stereo cabinet at an Estate sale for a $1.00? Sold!
Sometimes you have to know where to look for a good deal, but sometimes I think I just get lucky.

    Please excuse my fold up chairs and table. I never said my home was spotless. ;)

My best friend Shawna created this wonderful artwork you see behind the lamp in this photo. I remember she told me it represents her family. Perfect. :)
(Another art piece by Shawna Arnold.) 

I've been hoping to create a bi-monthly new event in the near future, especially with Summertime coming around. I'd love to start what would be called a "Dinner night." 

This would be a wonderful opportunity to bring in old friends and new acquaintances to get to know each other and eat wonderful food together! Think of a pot luck dinner party. There are so many great people in this town, and what a great community event to have!
Music, food, laughter in our home. Sounds like fun to me!
When thinking of home, I can't help but think of our friends Taylor and Shawna, who are in Argentina, away from home. I think of their bravery and determination to create a new place to call home for 9 months. They will find small pieces that stay with them in time and friends that they will always remember who created an inviting place for them there. 

You can gather as many knick knacks and furniture and books as you want...but when it really comes down to it, friends and family are what will make the bigger difference. 
They will stay in your heart where ever the road takes you.

And Happiest Birthday to my best friend Shawna! I hope you had a beautiful day, sweet friend!

With Love,