Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August; here & almost gone.

August has been busy. So busy, I haven't been able to update to my new website. I feel very antsy to get things rolling, but time and money are usually the things that hold me back. It can be discouraging to wait, but Im learning to use the resources I have and know I will get there as soon as I am able. 

I can't quite believe it is almost September and sooner than we know it, the Holidays will be here. I've began to paint for the Holidays and it makes me so excited to show you all my work on paper-goods.

I've also been rearranging our home and transitioning it for Fall. This is always my favorite time to decorate. It's a tradition for a couple years now to gather branches, big and small, to bring the outdoors inside. I'm sure if our neighbors see me bringing in branches...they may be thinking I'm strange. ;)

 Nesting my husbands office while he's gone to surprise him, moving the couch all by myself to face a different direction... I tend to be strong willed when I want something done,  in creating or changing something, even if it's literally bigger than our couch. Thankfully I didn't break my back.

I will keep all of you updated when I have my website up, and my paper-goods available. Thank you so much for being patient with me!

With Love,

Monday, July 8, 2013

New website soon!

New and exciting ideas and opportunities are here for The Bungalow Nest.
Please stay tuned for my new website in the next month. I can't wait to share my new work with you, make connections with people, and create as always.

Much Love,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coconut-Lime Thai Chicken soup w/ Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Soup. Sometimes it's all I want to eat. I'm always looking for new and interesting soup recipes to try and this is probably one of my favorite ones. The first time I had this was at my in laws home, where my sweet mother-in law made it for us all. My favorite side with this soup will always be roasted sweet potatoes, since she introduced me to this recipe. I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

Now on to the good stuff...

For the soup you will need:

* 5 cups chicken broth
*1/3 cup fresh lime juice
*1/4 cup think sliced fresh ginger
*2 cloves- garlic-smashed with flat side of knife.
*3 TBS soy sauce
*3 TBS brown sugar
*2 cans coconut milk
*4 cups bite-sized pieces chicken (I use a whole rotisserie chicken and pick apart all of the chicken off the bone into a bowl and set aside when ready-Gotta get messy to make good food!)
*1-2 fresh sliced jalapeno
*3 cups hot cooked rice (I love using jasmine rice)
*Cilantro for topping

Serves up to: 6 / Cooking time: 40 mins.

In a 4-5 QT. pot, combine chicken broth, lime juice, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar. Bring to boil over high heat. Cover and reduce heat to simmer for 20 mins. 
With slotted spoon, lift out and discard ginger and garlic.
Add coconut milk, pieced chicken and jalapeno.
Stir over low-med heat for at least 5-6 mins. DO NOT LET SOUP BOIL at this point.
Divide rice among bowls and spoon soup over the top. Top with cilantro.

For the roasted sweet potatoes you will need:

*2-4 Large sweet potatoes 
(I only used 2 and it was more than plenty for Matt and I,
 but you can add more if you feeding more bellies!)
*fine sea salt 
*dry ginger seasoning
*olive oil

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F
Skin your sweet potatoes, quarter and dice into small chunks. On a large metal cookie sheet, spread your sweet potatoes and drizzle with olive oil (don't soak them, but enough to lightly cover them)
Season with your salt, pepper, and ginger.
With clean hands, dig right in and mix it all together right there on your sheet. 
(No need to dirty other dishes, right?)
Place in the oven for 20-25 mins.

I hope you all enjoy making, eating, & sharing this with your family & friends!

With Love,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A home inside your heart.

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” 

Home is a special place. It is true home is where your family and friends are. But is it possible to make a home without those close by? I'm going to say yes. Home to me, is a comfortable place, where the air is filled with home cooked meals, baked goods, and sometimes...not so good smells. 
What makes a home better? What makes a house into a home filled with memories?
 Friends and family in your home. One of the important things to me, is to make our home cozy. When people walk into the door, I want them to feel welcome and comfortable. For the past 8 months since we moved into our rented bungalow home, I've continued to nest it, care for it, and add more character to it. Does this take time? Yes. I decorate my home quite often in my spare time. I'm (probably too often) happy to spend a few hours moving various furniture and pieces around to create something new and inviting. Money? Well, I've never had much of it, but collecting things over the years,
finding great deals at thrift stores and antique stores, and saving money for the occasional splurge on a great rug, you can create something uniquely yours and beautiful.

I have to admit; I grew up learning how to get the best deal and have always gotten a thrill out of a cheap steal on everything I buy. Mid century Zenith stereo cabinet at an Estate sale for a $1.00? Sold!
Sometimes you have to know where to look for a good deal, but sometimes I think I just get lucky.

    Please excuse my fold up chairs and table. I never said my home was spotless. ;)

My best friend Shawna created this wonderful artwork you see behind the lamp in this photo. I remember she told me it represents her family. Perfect. :)
(Another art piece by Shawna Arnold.) 

I've been hoping to create a bi-monthly new event in the near future, especially with Summertime coming around. I'd love to start what would be called a "Dinner night." 

This would be a wonderful opportunity to bring in old friends and new acquaintances to get to know each other and eat wonderful food together! Think of a pot luck dinner party. There are so many great people in this town, and what a great community event to have!
Music, food, laughter in our home. Sounds like fun to me!
When thinking of home, I can't help but think of our friends Taylor and Shawna, who are in Argentina, away from home. I think of their bravery and determination to create a new place to call home for 9 months. They will find small pieces that stay with them in time and friends that they will always remember who created an inviting place for them there. 

You can gather as many knick knacks and furniture and books as you want...but when it really comes down to it, friends and family are what will make the bigger difference. 
They will stay in your heart where ever the road takes you.

And Happiest Birthday to my best friend Shawna! I hope you had a beautiful day, sweet friend!

With Love,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My life lately, according to my iphone photos...

 Life lately has been, as it always is, a little hectic...especially as you can see that it's been a few weeks since I've posted. But I'm still here. I'm still eager to keep this thing rolling, and ready to create and share!

Here's what my life has looked like the past couple of weeks...

Little Legend from Madison, WI stopped by to play a show. They make me want to dance every time they play and not just because they're our friends; they really know how to play a great show! 
My husband grew up with Joe, one of the guitarists and had the privilege of touring with them last Summer in one big, hot, sweaty van. He very much enjoyed taking part in what they are creating.
Recently, they signed a record deal with The Record Machine, out of Kansas City, MO! Find them on FB and spotify to preview their music, and look for upcoming tour dates. Keep up the good work guys! 
So proud of yuns!

 My husband recently purchased our second car, a Z3 BMW convertible. I never thought I would ride in one of these; not because I was afraid of tangled locks, but the feeling of being so open and vulnerable to others around me on the street makes me nervous. There is no solid roof to protect you from harm, bird droppings, or people yelling at you for no reason. 
(People like doing that for fun? I guess)
BUT. It's great; Especially on the back roads where you can clearly see when the day is coming to an end and the sun is setting. You forget about your worries, and the way your hair looked before you stepped into the car...
This year, one of my goals was to step out of my fears. I can't say that I've completely done that..or it will ever completely happen, (it's a process), But I still hate roller coasters. (Barfing is not just a fear, it's an inconvenience at theme parks, you guys.) So it's safe to say I can check off 'riding in a convertible' from my list.

Decorate, decorate, decorate.
I could do this all day. I could find a home and go in and start moving things around to make the place more cozy. I think most women are natural nest makers, I being one of them. Using what I have, and slowly collecting the things I love. The best part is to switch it all around from season to season!

We went thrifting at an event in Billings, MO called Pheona's. If you live in this area, you should check it out. It's a once a month sale that is partially outside, with the rest indoors in an old house, where a few vendors have set up wide spread booths through out with unique knick knacks. 
The ceramic lamb planter pictured that I found was still in a box when I spotted  it. Usually I take a while to decide if I want to buy something, because I like making smart buys and getting what I absolutely love, but this was it. I picked it up and payed for it right away and I'm so glad that I did because there was a man who kept coming up to me trying to take it off my hands. He was polite, but the last time he came by, I told him jokingly that he couldn't have my lamb. ;)

Ever since I can remember, I was around classic cars. The smell of the exhaust from old cars developed a memory for me while for years my parents have been in a classic car club. The Classic Car auction in Branson was amazing. I can't tell you much information about cars as much as I would like, but I find myself amazed by the unique use of color and craftsmanship of the body. Seeing people drop money like it ain't no thang was kind of crazy. But there were amazing cars there that I've never seen before..ones my jaw dropped over and ogled at. The colors were insanely beautiful! We saw the Indian Motorcycle which sold for $67,000 that was owned by Steve Mcqueen, and a replica of the t.v. show's "Batman" car. 

Harold Wilgus. 93 and a talented carpenter. His wife, who passed when I was young, holds a dear place in my heart. They used to baby sit me at their home, where I learned about gardening, serving, and in spending time with them, grew in my love and care for the elderly. Harold is one of the sweetest old men of God I've ever met. He's very active in his life, can make anything out of wood, and is so kind hearted. For my birthday this year I asked for a new dining table made by him.

It's going to be a beautiful place to meet and share in fellowship and I will always think of them every special gathering, every holiday when family and friends are gathered. ❤

I hope your week is going well and that you continue to spread joy to others you meet and live by freedom in Him.

Much Love,

Saturday, March 16, 2013


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Hey Friends, I'll be moving to Bloglovin' since Google reader will be shutting down July 1st.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ice storm and a simple recipe.

 Good Morning!

As I am writing this post, it is thundering, lightening and the sky is dropping ice pellets like it ain't no thang (I'm not afraid to use Midwest slag). And I'm listening to bluegrass radio on itunes; it just sounded great.

 I'm praying for my husband's safety while he is making his way to work. As I am off work for the morning, I thought it would be spent well by finally posting a simple recipe I've been meaning to show you all. 

You may or may not work full time away from home, or you may be a stay at home mom. Whatever the case, if you have trouble coming up with simple, healthy, and tasty recipe every night like me, you may appreciate this one. 

Fish. So good if it's cooked well, and if you've got the loving taste buds for it. Lately, my husband and I have been eating a lot of tilapia in different ways. Here is just one.

Pan cooked tilapia and asparagus on the side.

Here is where you're going to begin. The best thing about fish is that is doesn't take but a half or less to thaw out. So if you didn't have time to take out chicken, beef, or any other meat for the matter, and you are trying to stay away from microwaving to thaw, you're set here with fish. We buy individually packaged fish, that way the thawing process is easy.

First, plug your sink or fill a large bowl 1/4 to 1/2 of cool to room temperature water. Do not use hot water as it can make your fish fall apart easily while cooking. You will want the fish to stay cold before cooking it. Let them sit in the water for a half hour or less until thawed. 

While the fishies are thawing, yes fishies, you can prepare your asparagus, or any side you decide to eat with this scrumptious fish. Roasted oven potatoes, steamed veggies, etc. To keep our asparagus hydrated and stay fresh longer, I keep it standing up in a cup or small bowl in the refrigerator with a small amount of water to submerge the ends. (I learned this from my Momma in law). :)

Once you have rinsed your asparagus well, prepare them by chopping about an inch off the ends. 

These will take about 10-15 minutes to cook on stove top depending on how crunchy or soft you like them. We like them in the middle. You can also roast them in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. This is an estimate of time and temperature since I cook with a gas stove. You can adjust your time and temperature according to your oven, but I would say to keep a timer and your eyes on them if you decide to roast them. I like to cook mine over the stove top on medium heat with a tbsp of olive oil, sprinkle of sea salt, pepper, and a small quarter squeeze of a lemon.

Once you've placed your asparagus on your stove top or in your oven, begin seasoning your fish.
The best seasoning we love is the acidity of a lemon, and we keep it simple with Lemon pepper. Most lemon pepper will have salt added as well, so be careful with how much you use. We like to place the fish on a plate and cover both sides of the fish with seasoning.

Look at the color striations, isn't real food just beautiful?

The fish only needs 3 minutes on each side, so you will want to start the fillets when your asparagus has been cooking for about 5 minutes. Place a tbsp of olive oil in a medium to large sized pan and let it heat up over medium heat for a minute. But be careful to not leave the pan over the heat and oil or any longer. 

Once you've flipped your fish and tossed your asparagus around a few times over the heat, you are done. This is about a half hour to 45 minutes of your time for dinner or lunch. This pairing takes a short amount of time, preparations are easy and you've got food on your table like...voila! 

List of needs for this recipe of two:
-2 fish fillets (tilapia or whatever fish you choose; salmon would be great also)
-Half a bundle of asparagus
-Olive oil
-Sea salt and pepper
-Lemon pepper seasoning
-Quarter of a lemon

Hope you all enjoy!

Always with Love,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm not dead.

Hey Folks,

I promise I haven't forgotten about you, but I have, however been in a whirlwind since the Holidays. I think things are beginning to settle down and I hope to be sharing fun ideas, recipes, and life with you.
Hope all is well.


Thursday, November 1, 2012


The weekend before last, my husband and I were given the opportunity to travel to Nashville, TN to go to our friends' wedding, Garrett and Hope. My husband also shot their wedding and it was such a perfect Autumn day for  such a beautiful wedding!

On the days we weren't on photo duty, after the wedding, we traveled that evening to the downtown area and witnessed the massive amounts of bars and venues full of musicians playing mostly country and classic rock songs..not to mention there were several lone song writers along the streets playing for money. They don't call it the music city for no reason, folks!

Sunday we made our way to good ol' Trader Joes to buy special groceries that we missed since living in Cali and since we've been home, have been enjoying their roasted tomato soup (accompanied by gouda bacon grilled cheese sandwiches), warm spiced apple cider, and a nicely sized container of yogurt covered raisins (that my husband devoured in 3 days time).

On our way home we found a sweet little town called Paducah in Kentucky where we ate lunch, walked along the river side, and found the biggest collection of records I've ever seen.
I picked up Ray Charles and Bing Crosby to add to my tiny collection that I hope to continue to grow.

Getting away from home clears my mind every time and I think it is necessary for us to do so every often. This trip reminded me of how much I love to travel and see new things. I remembered to dream again like I used to about traveling. Our time is so limited here in this world. I've spent the majority of my life in Missouri and sometimes feel a little naive in the way that I haven't experienced stepping foot in foreign soil. I think stepping outside of my comfort zone of home and what I know every single day gives me the opportunity to step away from getting so caught up in my routine and take more time to meditate on what the Lord is saying. I've always been timid and indecisive about many of my decisions. I'm hoping to live a little more freely this next year, in the arms of Christ; to be less afraid of what others think of me and being veiled in what the Lord says that I am. I hope to be more assertive in my decision making and moving forward to reach the goals I always place to the side. I'm praying for strength, for motivation, for an abundance of joy to live life more freely and out of my timid shell. I'm praying to fearlessly pour out to others what I've so graciously been given.

With Love,

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Last night my husband and I said it smelled just like Autumn. Maybe it was the neighbors fireplace smoke, or the million wet leaves in our yard, or maybe the cool crisp air stirring it all about. I'm pretty sure Autumn is the best time of the year because it is so short of a time. The leaves on every tree are bursting with color and the coolness of the air is just enough to make sure you cook chili and drink hot cider. Too much of something good isn't as interesting or exciting because it spoils it and we end up taking it for granted.

Our new home is so great and such a quiet and peaceful place. It's still a mess in certain rooms and we are still substituting certain furniture (or boxes filled with things) for uses they don't quite fit naturally but work in the mean time. I have to stop myself sometimes to just be thankful for all we have and all that God has given us. A lot of my blog posts in the past are about patience and waiting for our own home. He's given us so much and I am taken back sometimes because He's supplied us with more than we asked for.

I'm looking forward to inviting our friends and community into our little nest for dinners, (once we find some dining chairs of course; we only have one at the moment..Eek! ), putting up our first real Christmas tree as a married couple of over three years, and continue to make it an organized space.

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather and hope you'll consider following my blog! ;)

With Love,