Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My life lately, according to my iphone photos...

 Life lately has been, as it always is, a little hectic...especially as you can see that it's been a few weeks since I've posted. But I'm still here. I'm still eager to keep this thing rolling, and ready to create and share!

Here's what my life has looked like the past couple of weeks...

Little Legend from Madison, WI stopped by to play a show. They make me want to dance every time they play and not just because they're our friends; they really know how to play a great show! 
My husband grew up with Joe, one of the guitarists and had the privilege of touring with them last Summer in one big, hot, sweaty van. He very much enjoyed taking part in what they are creating.
Recently, they signed a record deal with The Record Machine, out of Kansas City, MO! Find them on FB and spotify to preview their music, and look for upcoming tour dates. Keep up the good work guys! 
So proud of yuns!

 My husband recently purchased our second car, a Z3 BMW convertible. I never thought I would ride in one of these; not because I was afraid of tangled locks, but the feeling of being so open and vulnerable to others around me on the street makes me nervous. There is no solid roof to protect you from harm, bird droppings, or people yelling at you for no reason. 
(People like doing that for fun? I guess)
BUT. It's great; Especially on the back roads where you can clearly see when the day is coming to an end and the sun is setting. You forget about your worries, and the way your hair looked before you stepped into the car...
This year, one of my goals was to step out of my fears. I can't say that I've completely done that..or it will ever completely happen, (it's a process), But I still hate roller coasters. (Barfing is not just a fear, it's an inconvenience at theme parks, you guys.) So it's safe to say I can check off 'riding in a convertible' from my list.

Decorate, decorate, decorate.
I could do this all day. I could find a home and go in and start moving things around to make the place more cozy. I think most women are natural nest makers, I being one of them. Using what I have, and slowly collecting the things I love. The best part is to switch it all around from season to season!

We went thrifting at an event in Billings, MO called Pheona's. If you live in this area, you should check it out. It's a once a month sale that is partially outside, with the rest indoors in an old house, where a few vendors have set up wide spread booths through out with unique knick knacks. 
The ceramic lamb planter pictured that I found was still in a box when I spotted  it. Usually I take a while to decide if I want to buy something, because I like making smart buys and getting what I absolutely love, but this was it. I picked it up and payed for it right away and I'm so glad that I did because there was a man who kept coming up to me trying to take it off my hands. He was polite, but the last time he came by, I told him jokingly that he couldn't have my lamb. ;)

Ever since I can remember, I was around classic cars. The smell of the exhaust from old cars developed a memory for me while for years my parents have been in a classic car club. The Classic Car auction in Branson was amazing. I can't tell you much information about cars as much as I would like, but I find myself amazed by the unique use of color and craftsmanship of the body. Seeing people drop money like it ain't no thang was kind of crazy. But there were amazing cars there that I've never seen before..ones my jaw dropped over and ogled at. The colors were insanely beautiful! We saw the Indian Motorcycle which sold for $67,000 that was owned by Steve Mcqueen, and a replica of the t.v. show's "Batman" car. 

Harold Wilgus. 93 and a talented carpenter. His wife, who passed when I was young, holds a dear place in my heart. They used to baby sit me at their home, where I learned about gardening, serving, and in spending time with them, grew in my love and care for the elderly. Harold is one of the sweetest old men of God I've ever met. He's very active in his life, can make anything out of wood, and is so kind hearted. For my birthday this year I asked for a new dining table made by him.

It's going to be a beautiful place to meet and share in fellowship and I will always think of them every special gathering, every holiday when family and friends are gathered. ❤

I hope your week is going well and that you continue to spread joy to others you meet and live by freedom in Him.

Much Love,